Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Garlic Harvest!

In between the rain showers we harvested this years winter-planted garlic. I haven't had to buy garlic for the last 2 years, and hopefully I won't have to this again this year! 

It looks like we'll get a bumper crop of blackcurrants this year. The branches are so heavy with fruit that some of them are touching the floor. When the currants on these branches are ripe (as you can see below, some of them are already) am I going to cut the branch off and harvest them that way.

The loganberries and raspberries are desperately in need of some sun. The fruits are there all waiting to ripen but nothing seems to be happening. The 10-day forecast is for showers and a high of 15C, so I am beginning to lose hope :(

We grow some borage (Borago officinalis) or starflower, each year and lo and behold some new plants have sprung up around the plot. The flowers are so pretty (open and unopened as below) and the bees love them. 


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