Saturday, 5 January 2013

In Which the Rhubarb Makes a Somewhat Early Appearance

Look what I discovered peeping through the soil when I visited the allotment yesterday - rhubarb (when I zoomed into this pic I also noticed the presence of a pesky slug in the underside of the unfurling leaf, which has no doubt already my new rhubarb shoots). 

What's more, another plotholder at my site has rhubarb stalks that are already 4-5 inches long. Gosh! Is it just me or is this super-early? I admit that the prospect of making rhubarb crumble, or even better rhubarb vodka, in January is cheering me up a little!

As you can see, otherwise the plot is looking a little miserable and not much is going on, except...

...the garlic is busy growing, and...

...we have plenty of  Cavolo nero and green curly kale to keep us from getting hungry during the 'hungry gap'. I really like kale, plus it is one of the best things you can eat to keeps your eyes healthy. I often add it to soups. There are some interesting kale recipes at the Discover Kale website.


  1. Blimey I hope my rhubarb is still asleep, it needs moving. Rhubarb vodka sounds like a good idea though.

  2. All the rhubarb I spotted on our site was well and truly awake, I guess because it has been so mild. On the plot down from mine the blackcurrant bush is in bud also! Rhubarb vodka is lovely, the only problem I had last year was that I didn't make enough :D

  3. Oo I'll have to go up the garden and check on mine now - hope it hasn't started growing yet - 'cos when it does it's like a rhubarb jungle.

    1. It is exciting seeing things coming to life in early January! Good luck with the jungle :D