Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Allotment + Knitting = Knitted Vegetables

I'm keeping myself busy by knitting at the moment. At the moment I'm knitting Easter eggs, however I would like to have a go at knitting some vegetables and flowers. Look what I found while looking for inspiration...

These fantastic knitted/crocheted vegetables were made by Japanese designer Itoamika Jungjung, and are actually made to wear! I can't find out anything else about Jungjung, she/he (I'm guessing she) does have a website but there is only a few logos on it at the moment. Anyway, I think she has done an amazing job. I like the beetroot the best.

Unfortunately my abilities with the needles aren't quite up to this standard. Maybe one day...


  1. It always amazes me how clever and patient some people are. I love the beetroot as well. I have trouble just knitting a scarf. hey ho.

  2. Gosh, I wish I could knit like that.

  3. They are very realistic! You could knit one of those sitting inside in the warm, instead of slaving away in the rain down on the allotment...

    1. Yes, I have just seen the weather forecast and sitting by the fire with my knitting needles seems like the far better option!

  4. I love these knitted vegetables! I like to knit, but never thought of knitting a vegetable! :) It could be a great soft toy for a child! Thanks for visiting and following my Slavic Garden blog! Greetings from Poland! :)