Thursday, 10 January 2013

Yet More Signs of Life

My plot seems a little ahead of itself this year. Last week I noticed that the rhubarb had made a surprise early-January appearance. Then I read that Colin at the recycled gardener had noticed that his rhubarb and his chives were showing signs of growth. It wasn't raining today so I decided to inspect my chives to find out if there were any signs of life...

...which indeed there were. However, what's more, my  loganberry and three blueberry bushes are also in bud.

Gosh, I think they are all going to be in for a big surprise this weekend! Anyway, before the supposed big chill sets in I am off to the allotment tomorrow afternoon (weather permitting) to harvest my leeks. A job that I should of done ages ago :)

1 comment:

  1. My chives are through I shall be splitting them again this year and adding them to the edge of the veg beds - I love to see them in flower.